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8th December 2015

Behaviour Analysis

Behaviour Analysis

Sample Behaviour Dashboard

An example of a Behaviour Dashboard


The comprehensive dashboards from Behaviour+ display detailed breakdowns of key aspects of the behaviour profile of your school in an instant. No more exporting data to Excel spreadsheets before being able to produce the reports that you want. Behaviour+ connects directly to your school's MIS system and will generate a wide range of reports for you automatically. These reports will include behaviour analysis by event, class, year group, gender, teacher, house and other categories, plus others.

Dashboards can be filtered for behaviour information about subgroups, or drilled into for further details about specific individuals, or to display summary reports.

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Sample Behaviour Dashboard item

Behaviour Summary for Individual Students

Sample Behaviour Dashboard Item

Behaviour Summary by House

Behaviour Breakdown by Pastoral Group

Behaviour Breakdown by Pastoral Group