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Providing deeper insights into behaviour and achievement in your school

Features and Benefits

Behaviour Analyses

Displaying comprehensive analyses of behaviour data.

Achievement Summaries

Providing a wide range of summary and detailed information about student achievement.

Attendance Breakdowns

Enabling you to view all aspects of attendance for groups and individuals in one place.

Special Needs Information

Provides an overview of Special Needs information for key groups and individual students.


Enabling you to get to the heart of your data. You can drill-down from all charts and tables to see details for individual groups and students.


Want to be instantly informed about key events, such as behaviour and attendance targets. Behaviour+ has a built-in email notification system that will alert selected members of staff when significant school-defined thresholds are reached.

Reports and Certificates

Alongside the visual dashboard elements, Behaviour+ will also include detailed reports and certificates (such as indivudal attendance and behaviour certificates), which can be generated from drill-downs as well as from the built-in, school focused report tree.


Our technical and training support is focused on your needs. We provide easy access to on-line and telephone support to enable you to get the best from Behaviour+.

Behaviour Plus Sample Dashboards




Individual Student


Telephone, Email and Online Support

We provide first class support and training for the whole life of the product at your school. Simply contact us and one of our specialist developers will be able to help.

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